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May 24, 2016
Blake Shelton will be this year's headliner for the 12th annual Stars For Second Harvest benefit, slated for [...]
May 24, 2016
On June 10, Universal Music Group Nashville will release Now That’s What I Call Country Vol. 9 [...]
May 24, 2016
On the second night of Brad Paisley’s Life Amplified World Tour on Saturday (May 20), he [...]
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Master Songwriter Guy Clark Dead at 74

Guy Clark

Man, this is a sad day. Guy Clark is gone.

We have been doing our radio program for 9 years and interviewed over 1,000 hit writers and recording artists...only ONCE did we geek out over a guest so badly it was embarrassing for both of us. Yes, you guessed it. It was Guy Clark.

Listening to his songs were a revelation many years ago...there is a simplicity and barrenness to his lyrics that always knock us on our asses. Exposing truth like a raw nerve and making it rhyme is not just songwriting...its damned poetry.

Wish I could have been cooler around him that night. My ultimate dream co-write would have been at his house drinking black coffee with him...and I hate black coffee. But one night, several years ago Guy Clark shook my hand and talked with me about music for an hour and he played a couple songs sitting right next to us. That is good enough.

Man, this is a sad day...Guy Clark is gone.

- Scott